Meet CEOboard
for owners and executive directors
The first really convenient business managemnet solution. Combine and monitor your business analytics from the "1C" programs in your smartphone.

For every taste
Choose the suitable version.
Allows to analyze key business indicators for "1C" and "1C-Rarus" patterns users. Ceoboard is usually installed on yours systems without changing patterns
Provides the system approach to management by objectives and business improvement according to the lean manufacturing framework.
It includes advanced business analytics, assignments and business processes.
CEOboard Cloud
CEOboard Enterprise
Together with 1С:Enterprise
1С:Accounting 8
1С:Trade management 8 
1С:Payroll&HR 8 
1С:Complex Automation 8 
1С:ERP. Enterprise management 2.0
CEOboard works with the most popular solutions created by "1С" Company.

Fast start
Download the processing for your "1C:Enterprise" configuration.
Set up
Run the simple installation.
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than a cup
of coffee
Cloudy data storage
Get access to your data at anytime and anywhere
We provide flawless the 24-by-7 operation
Data communications security is provided by the high encryption technology
"Make reasonable decisions based on information"
Ichak Adizes
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Business under a microscope
Process management
for digital economy
Organize your employees' activity using a powerful tool of business process management. Identify "bottlenecks" and reallocate responsibility between subdivisions and employees.

Five advantages
of the Enterprise version in comparison with the Cloud version
Management by objectives
Manage your business using key performance indicators(KPIs) and balanced scorecard system (BSC). Use the optimum set of indicators for the assessment of management efficiency with an allowance for objectives to be achieved.
Advanced business analytics
Explore regularities and cause-and-effect links of business indicators on the base of verifiable information. Organize the system of staff remuneration using objective performance indicators.
Setting tasks
Raise the level of performance discipline. Spend less time on setting new tasks. Reduce the burden over control of implementing decisions.
Business processes organization
Get the financial return from unification of business processes. Keep the transparency of responsibility and achieve all stages of processes on time.
Create and update business-processes without recourse to IT technicians.
Complete integration with your systems
Integrate CEOboard to any solution on the "1C:Enterprise 8" platform or deploy as a separate information base. Data capturing is proceeding in any case.
Just as
FROM 350 ₽/MON
It is checked by time
Vitaliy Gataullin
Adviser of Director General at Tatneft (one of the largest Russian oil Company)
"...This is a modern and powerful tool that helps to manage your company's performance.. The use of the new-generation automation system CEOboard, built on the principles of lean production, helps develop and improve your business constantly..."
Renat Nugaybekov
Head of TMC Group

"...Today over 1.500 employees of TMC Group use CEOboard software and over 20.000 processes "live" in it. In addition, this software has a user friendly interface and visually comprehensible board of process performance that allows you to understand and evaluate the business activity..."

Oleg Chernov
Head of 1C-Rarus office in Kazan
"...Use of process management methodology allows us to save over 10 million rubles yearly and create sustained and profitable growth of our business. For instance, one of the results connected with the CEOboard use is accumulation of sufficient knowledge about real actual practice of the project business in our company...."
"One cannot manage what one cannot measure."
Jack Welch
Start using it
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Demo base of desktop version
Study the desktop version of the CEOboard system
and estimate all her opportunities
Expanding borders
Download the detailed user's guide
and open for yourself all functionality of the CEOboard system
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